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MEMS technology and sensors have experienced a breathtaking growth in consumer electronics, healthcare and medicine over the past decade. Many applications have been developed and many others are under development and will be developed in the next few years as the sensors becoming smarter, smaller, less power hungry and more affordable.

We at Cking Sensors are a team of MEMS and sensors experts and have decided to provide the infrastructure and tools HW/SW engineers need to more easily communicate with each others, share ideas and promote and sell their solutions and products.

Over the years of working with numerous clients using sensors and MEMS technology, we have learnt that challenges facing engineers while using new sensors to develop applications and solutions can be major energy drainers. Time consuming technical issues and problems with little or no meaningful support from the respective sensor suppliers can become frustrating and agitating as these issues can distract the engineers from their main tasks which include developing exciting and differentiating applications to stay ahead of the competition.

Our goal is to help MEMS and sensor community grow much stronger together by offering the following:

Multivendor E-Commerce Site

We provide a unique multivendor E-commerce site to engineers who have developed their own unique solutions and are looking for buyers who can be other developers or companies seeking unique solution modules for their products. We also provide sensor suppliers the opportunity to sell their products in sample and / or bulk quantities.

Sensor Forums

Our sensors forums are designed to provide SW/HW engineers, researchers, industry experts to discuss different sensor and MEMS topics. Everyone who has questions on MEMS and sensors can post their questions and other community members can address those questions. In some cases, these forums can be an ideal venue to get answers to technical questions much faster than trying to get answers from sensor suppliers.

Supplier Directory

Our Product Directory provides suppliers the opportunity to list their products with description, images, and documentations so that potential customers can easily find the type of product they are looking for. This directory is equipped with a powerful search engine and other features that can help engineers find sensor products in a mater of a few seconds.

Blog Site

Last but not least, we are offering a great site for blogs and articles on sensors and MEMS technology, and electronics as part of sensor eco-system. The goal here is again to help the sensor community to learn about the latest on various sensors and sensor technologies and the advances in MEMS technology with applications in areas such as biosensors, microfluidics, Lab on a cheap, drug delivery and other. We also encourage the industry experts to publish their blogs and articles on this site to get a better exposure to the MEMS and sensor community.

We hope that these services can stimulate new discussions, create new interest, help generate new ideas and give the engineers around the world the opportunity to learn from each other and develop new amazing applications using sensors.

Cking Sensors Team

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